Updating on the earthquake in Emilia Romagna – 4 June 2012

After two weeks, the earth continues to shake in Emilia Romagna, and the damages are very high: hundreds of destroyed commercial and private buildings and almost 15.000 displaced people.

The Protezione Civile ensures that the situation is under control. The distribution of food and the hospital services are working well. ADRA Italia is in contact with the local Protezione Civile Dept. We offered our availability putting at their disposal two structures (local church premises) with kitchen and rooms, a lot of volunteers and around 70 tents. In this moment what the  Protezione CIvile needs is: mechanical vehicles and high skilled volunteers. They do not need generic volunteers. Food, water, clothes and medical kits are not required.

The presence of ADRA Italia will be very important in the next weeks, when life goes back to the normality. During summer time ADRA Italia will organize activities for kids. Further information will be provided later on.

Thank you for supporting us with your prayers.

ADRA Italia