Dear all,

ADRA EUD would like to welcome Mario Oliveira as new Country Director of ADRA France. This change will be effective as from January 2013. We are very happy that we have found a competent man to succeed Brina Leroux.

Mario already have a lot of experience in working for ADRA, and we wish him success, joy, satisfaction in his work for people in need. May God always hold His protecting hands over him and may bless him abundantly.

At the same time we are sad to announce that Brina Leroux left ADRA France yesterday. We want to express our deepest gratitude towards Brina for her service and collaboration as Country Director. Through her dedication, enthusiasm, untiring work, stamina, great sense of responsibility, multiple skills, ambition, patience, Brina radiated God’s love to the people. We wish Brina and her family joy, happiness, strength, satisfaction for their future. May God guide and protect them wherever they go.  

With warm personal greetings,
Joerg and Marina